3-STRAND: 3mm dia - 65mm dia               8-STRAND: 6mm dia - 120mm dia
4-STRAND: 4mm dia - 44mm dia               12-STRAND: 14mm dia - 65mm dia
DOUBLE BRAIDED: 10mm dia - 120mm dia

Materials: Nylon, Polyester, Vinylon, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Cotton, Manila, Sisal, Dyneema, Vectran, Zylon PBO, etc.,

Man Rope, Blueking Rope, Triple Cross Rope, Taston Ring Rope & Two-Ring Rope are available.

*Royal Vectran Coating Tuna Extension Ropes is available.(Drains well, Quick Rope raise-up, more pins acceptable. No need to cut, Easy to handle, Very thin but strong, Suitable for Ocean Use.

4-Ply, 6-Ply, 8-Ply, 12-Ply, 16-Ply, 24-Ply, 32-Ply, 48-Ply Round Type & Flat Type

Materials: Nylon, Polyester, Vinylon, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Cotton, Dyneema, Technora, Vectran, Zylon PBO, Carbon, etc.,

For Fishing: Trawling, Purse Seine, Sinker Cord, Float Cord, Parachute Anchor Cord, Casting Net Rope, Anchor Rope, Mooring Rope, Rope with branches, Sea Plant Growing Net Rope, Oyster Rope, Scallop & Pearl Aquaculture Rope, Breeding Weed, Artificial Weed, Set Net Rope, Spring Cord for wave shock absorber, etc.,
For Interior:
Blind Cord, Curtain Cord, Switch Cord, Loop Cord, Mole Cord, Mop & Brush, etc.,
For Tents & Sheets: Sail Sewing Cord, Tent Pull String, Chair Sheet String, Sofa Core String, Camping Tent Cord, etc.,
For Agriculture:
Engine Starter Cord, Starter Cord, Vinyl House Cord, Holding Rope, Pulling Rope, Harvest String, Hanging String, Siphon Cord, etc.,
For Ships & Boats:
Long Line, Flag Line, Hawser, Tug Rope, etc.,
For Pollution Care: Biodegradation Cord, Oil Fence, Life Rope with steel strand, Run-off Oil Recovery Cord, etc.
For Leisure & Sports:
Super Grade Yacht Racing Rope, General Purpose Yacht Rope, Wind-Surfing Up-Hold Line, Mountaineering Rope, Motor Boat Cord, Shock Absorber Cord, Knapsack Cord, Ski and Sport Shoe String, Water Skiing Rope, Ski Lift Rope with grips, Basketball Goal Net, Back Net Rope, Skipping Rope, etc.,
For Accessories: Sandal String, Belt, Purse String, Handbag Grip, etc.,

2-Ply, 3-Ply, 2x3 Type, 3x3 type, S-Twist & Z-Twist, Lantern Type, Multi-Story Cages

Fishing Twine, Hanging Twine, Tuna Longline, Sinker Rope, Float Rope, Oyster Breeding, Scallop Cage, Pearl Fishing Cage, Crab Trap, Eel Fyke Net, Electric Fence Wire, etc.,